The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide

 text by Anna Deutsch 

There’s jewelry—and then there are statement pieces that make a long-lasting, emotional impact. If you’re looking for the latter, Barneys New York has you covered.


Judy Geib handcrafts her whimsical pieces in Brooklyn, ensuring that each creation is one-of-a-kind. This celestial necklace features sterling silver sun and moon shapes embellished with scattered gypsy-set white diamonds—a truly special piece for a special person.


The intricate and collectible work of Istanbul-based master jeweler Sevan Bıçakçı is ideal for the jewelry lover who values the process just as much as the stunning final product. Each piece takes three to four months to be created by at least eight highly-skilled artisans in Bıçakçı’s five-story atelier. HIs signature motifs like padlocks and domes celebrate his hometown’s cultural heritage.


Raphaele Canot‘s whimsical, unconventional approach to diamonds is fresh and modern, yet immaculately constructed at the same time. The industry heavy-weight, who previously served as Creative Director at both Cartier and DeBeers, brings wit to her pieces, especially her OMG! collection, which features a lip-inspired shape and a playful mix of enamel and white diamonds.


Inspired by the rhythm of flowing water, Dauphin’s diamond-embellished chainmail earrings have a flexible setting that allows them to drape and move gracefully, catching the light for a jaw-dropping effect. This timeless pair is an instant collectable.


When Julie Wolfe isn’t designing her gemstone jewlery, she’s a multi-media artist, and her pieces often have an abstraction inspired by both art movements and artists. With their symmetric shapes and kinetic movement, these stunning “mobile” earrings are a nod to Alexander Calder.


L.A.-based jeweler Irene Neuwirth sources the most incredible precious and semi-precious stones to use in her gorgeous statement pieces. Her Sphere collection of glossy, candy-colored stones like opals and turquoise will bring joy to any jewelry box.