Through May 10
Cookin’s a Drag
The outrageous drag queen and TV cooking show host, Betty D. Licious, with her back-up boys, manage mess-ups and mishaps on camera, while off-stage she faces personal struggles with aging, losing friends and being her authentic self. When Betty learns of a plot to end her TV series, hilarity and hysterics collide.

Through May 11
Big River
Join Huck Finn on a musical journey as he helps his friend Jim, a slave, escape to freedom. Big River is a hilarious, suspenseful and heartwarming celebration of pure Americana with a score that includes cajun, gospel, folk, country and blues.

Through May 12
Inspired by the New York City newsboys’ strike of 1899, this Disney musical Jack Kelly and a ragtag group of newsies as they take on the biggest names in publishing in a fight for fair pay.

Through May 19
Love and Money
In this comedy, a wealthy widow’s plan to donate everything she owns hits a snag when an opportunistic young man appears to claim his inheritance.

Through May 26
Guys and Dolls
Set in 1940s New York, this romantic story features high-rolling gambling men and the womem who love them.

Through May 26
Proving that everyone has a dark side, Snow White and her princesses toss off their tiars in this absurdly racy romp that’s anything but Grimm.

Through June 9
Broadway Bound
In Neil Simon’s heartwarming biographical play, two brothers are trying to break into the world of comedy writing while coping with their parents crumbling marriage.

Through June 18
The Man with the Pointed Toes
A beautiful and determined schoolteacher aims to teach a bunch of rough-and-tough cowboys how to behave in a civilized world.

May 16 – June 2
Things I Know to Be True
Can a parent love their children too much? Is it possible to not love them enough? These are questions that hover over Things I Know To Be True, a beautiful and painfully perceptive portrait of a family and the frictions that arise when grown-up children try to push beyond the confines of their loving parents’ expectations. Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as “one of the best new plays of the year,” this moving and brutally frank play is a complex and intense study of the family and the dangers of unarticulated emotions.

May 16 – June 29
Based on the New York City newsboys’ strike of 1899, rebellious Jack Kelly rallies other newsboys to join the fight for fairer wages.