tips to keep you looking pretty
By Kriste Peoples

Even though we pride ourselves on consulting the professionals, there are some things that just come as common sense, especially when it relates to matters of maintaining a polished image. We culled a few priceless cosmetic tips from stylish types who’ve got “it” going on and present their pointers here for beauty’s sake. They’re guaranteed to help you keep looking oh so pretty.

Chill out 

If you’ve ever had your nail polish get clumpy and gooey in the bottle before you’ve had a chance to make a dent in it, we’ve got just the thing: put it on ice. That’s right, store all of your polish in the fridge, and the only problem you’ll have with your nail color supply is how you’re going to make room for the food. 

Keeping your edge 

Make sure your makeup pencils stay sharpened. How many times have you been in a rush so you neglect to sharpen your lip and eye liners before dragging them recklessly across your delicate skin, vowing to sharpen them “next time?” Unfortunately “next time” doesn’t come nearly enough. Do your face a favor and give your cosmetic liners a few turns after you use them. After all, one good turn deserves another.

Come clean 

Just as you cleanse your face, your dishes and your clothes, your makeup brushes deserve a good once over on a regular basis, too. Run them under warm water and swish them in a coin-sized drop of mild shampoo or liquid soap. Once the water rinses clear, reshape the bristles and lay brushes flat to dry on a towel. Otherwise, standing them up allows water to pool at the base and can cause the glue to crack. Consider this a “brush-up” on your cosmetic accessory savvy.

Face value 

When it comes to the price you pay for your makeup, there’s something to be said for buying quality. When you’re faced with the choice of cheap lipstick versus your favorite, more expensive brand, we suggest you pony up for what you really want. Not only will doing so save you money in the long run – and eventually buying what you wanted in the first place – you also remind yourself that you are indeed worth it!

Saving face 

If you aren’t already in the habit of removing all traces of makeup before bed, what’s the holdup? Find solutions that won’t clog pores and work well with your skin type. Drink adequate amounts of water by day, sleep well and avoid the bad stuff when you can – caffeine, tobacco and alcohol and, yes, even chocolate. Stick with this regimen, and before you know it, you might find yourself ditching your foundation and concealer.