Fall Fashion 2017

part one

The runway finale at the Fall Collection 2017 designed by Dries Van Noten.

There’s something about fall fashion that draws me in every time. It’s when the A-list designers pull out all the stops, creating new looks presented in new ways. The term “trends” sends a shiver down my spine, knowing that in the blink of the eye what’s “in” will be “out.” I prefer to review all the exciting options, then select items that will refresh my existing wardrobe while staying true to my personal style.
In part one of our three-part Fall/Winter Fashion 2017 Series, we focus on four designer labels; Monse, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Dries Van Noten. Each of these fashion houses has created looks worth considering. You be the judge.
Top left; Monse founders and designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia take a bow at their Fall Collection 2017 runway show. The remaining photos are Monse looks from the Fall Collection 2017.


Established in the Spring of 2016, Monse immediately became a fashion favorite. Both Oscar de la Renta alums, founders and designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia say they are inspired by women who “dare to express themselves and appreciate the unexpected.” Monse’s trademark look, best described as twisted tailoring, is modern and a bit edgy with off-the-shoulder jackets, slashed dresses and pieced-together ruffled shirts.

Top left; Chief Creative Director Raf Simons completes his first runway show for the Calvin Klein label. The remaining photos are Simons’ looks from the Calvin Klein Fall Collection 2017.


Raf Simons, the new chief creative director of Calvin Klein, has impressive credentials.  A 20-year veteran, he has been the creative head at Off-White, Jil Sander and Christian Dior. “ The defining idea behind the fall collection [his first for Calvin Klein] is America,” explains Simons. “I wanted to express what the emotion and meaning of America is to me… it’s not about one era, one look or one thing… it’s a reflection of the diversity of America itself.”

Top left; Designer Ralph Lauren at his Fall Collection 2017 runway show. The remaining photos are looks from the Ralph Lauren Fall Collection 2017.


Ralph Lauren design signatures are instantly recognizable: classic elegance, superb workmanship, decidedly dashing and always feminine. With tweed to lamé looks, he has you covered from the boardroom to the ballroom and all points in between. Lauren has perfected the art of dressing women. This season there’s a chic tuxedo that’s slouchy in the thigh with a strong shoulder and a pant suits with a built-in corset and off-the-shoulder silhouette.

Top left; Designer Dries Van Noten takes a bow at his Fall Collection 2017 runway show. The remaining photos are looks from the Dries Van Noten Fall Collection 2017.


A third-generation couturier and the most distinctive alum of the Antwerp Six (a forward-thinking Belgian fashion collective of the ‘80s), Dries Van Noten is known for the ability to transform his modern vision into well-crafted, innovative designs. Described by the New York Times as “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers,” his work is characterized by the use of bold patterns, unique color palettes, ornate details, custom-milled fabrics and lots of layering.