Men’s Fall/Winter Trends

text courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue  photos by Beau Grealy  styling by Michael Philouze

shot on location at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Penha Longa Resort, Portugal

Saks Fifth Avenue’s most talented tastemakers have let AZL in on the must-have fashion trends for men this fall. These style experts recommend well-considered investment pieces to build on the basics that most gents already have in their closet. 

After all, it’s wise to snap up a few “hot” pieces that identify you as a man with his finger on the pulse. And, if you select carefully, these additions will serve you well for seasons to come. With the help of our fashion gurus, here are six style trends that are worth serious consideration. 


Tactile Fabrics

Texture adds dimension and interest to any look. Shearling and other furs, a longtime favorite for lining outerwear, continue to be strong. Velvet was shown for both night and day. Brushed or boiled woolen overcoats, suede, herringbone and tweeds, soft-as-butter cashmere, cable-knit sweaters and tech fabric puffers ruled the runways. Hint: join the “in” crowd by layering different textured items.

Quilted Jackets

Comfort wear is a style obsession that was all over the runway. If you only buy one piece, make it the new padded jacket. Perfect for chillier days, it combines fashion craftsmanship with high-tech fabrics. No longer just for off-duty investment bankers and British aristocracy, quilted jackets were spotted in many versions: bombers, moto jackets and even blazers.

Tailored Suiting

Despite what some have predicted, the suit is not going anywhere anytime soon. But it is changing. Think beyond the standard grey, navy and black. From more adventurous colors, cuts and patterns, to mixing it up with tees and sneakers, the classic suit is definitely expanding its horizons.

Have Something To Say?

There has always been statement clothing, but this fall you’re going to see a lot of statements on clothing. Perhaps it’s the sign of the times that clothes are getting pretty preachy. But before you go all-out with sharing your thoughts, be sure to pair a loud piece with quiet, neutral staples. By toning down your message, you’ll be heard.

Top: RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL. Bottom left: BRIONI. Bottom right: BOSS.

Rough and Ready

Gentlemen, it’s time to show your tough side. Rugged boots, checkered shirts, plaid woolen vests, athletic wear and corduroy, known for its warmth and ability to hold up to whatever comes its way, are everywhere. The trick is to blend these manly items with your softer side: a sturdy work boot with a beautifully tailored dress pant or a checked flannel shirt under a cashmere overcoat.


Maybe it’s just because we’re longing for a simpler time, but the ’80s and ’90s have had a tremendous influence on fashion of late. Whether it’s grunge, New Wave, classic hip-hop or street style, prepare to see flashes from the past this fall. Whether you go head-to-toe nostalgia or simply give it a nod, always look to balance the more casual pieces  with smarter items like an overcoat or sweater.