Roka Akor

Roka Akor A Stake In Sushi text by David M. Brown | photos courtesy of Roka Akor “Being typecast as a sushi restaurant was our main problem when we first opened. People said, ‘Oh, Roka Akor, that’s a sushi place. But I don’t like sushi,” recalls Executive Chef Jason... read more

Arcadia Reborn

As few as ten years ago, the Arcadia area of Phoenix was known for its charm, historical roots and happy community. Those things haven’t gone away, but have simply made room for a foodie revolution. As eclectic as it is endearing, the row of restaurants that Arcadia can now boast is both a visual and delicious haven for Valley diners, and the following are some of the our staff’s favorites.

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What’s Shakin’ Bacon

Open your eyes — and your mouth — to the delicious delights of Valley breakfast eateries.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket — try each of these ten great
Valley breakfast joints for fresh ways to start your day. 

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Popping The Cork

Frothy, effervescent, fizzy — the most appealing and festive of adjectives populate the world of sparkling wine, inextricably associated with the happiest of celebrations. It’s hard to resist the flirtatious charm of crisp bubbles tickling the palate and nose at every sip, and fortunately the wide range of prices and the versatility of the wines make it easy to succumb to temptation….

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Ahh…being seated at a well sought after restaurant to conduct business, celebrate or convene with family or friends. A bottle of wine is considered a means to establish memories through friends and family as well as an anchor to broker important business transactions.

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Food Trends

The food world is constantly changing. There are new trends every year that pop up and spread like a wildfire, only to fizzle out a few months later. For the past few years, we have been watching food take a turn toward a much healthier and morally conscious style of eating. That way of life isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, …

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Keep On Truckin

It’s Saturday night – date night. There are a multitude of Valley restaurants to hit up, but what happens if you want to switch up the food style mid-meal? Enter Food Truck Caravan. With a collection of eight trucks every Saturday night at 5th and Goldwater in Scottsdale, you can start with an appetizer here, an entrée there and a dessert down the way. …

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Chef Knows Best

Ever wonder where local chefs dine when they aren’t the ones cooking? We found out.

A foodie friend may be the one to check with when making dining plans, but how about taking it a step further? …

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Farm To Table

Farm to table dining is the hottest new craze, and hotels across the country are embracing it in a big way. From cultivating gardens to raising goats on their properties, resident chefs are using their new-found resources to create distinctive menus that visitors can’t wait to sample. Even hotels in big cities are joining in, …

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Chow Down At Blue Hound

Innovative and unexpected are the first two words
that come to mind when visiting the new downtown
sensation, Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails.

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