At The Movies

If you thought the summer movie season was a bit disappointing, the September offerings will make it up to you.  Promising drama, suspense, comedy, intrigue and some feel-good, here are seven movies that should be worth the price of admission.

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The Guru’s Legacy

Phoenix Art Museum is showcasing a broad range of objects related to Sikh religion and history in an exhibition entitled Virtue and Valor: Sikh Art and Heritage. From portraiture and photographs to implements of war, the exhibition draws exclusively on featured items from the Khanuja Family Collection, a local Arizona family. This is the first time the Khanuja Collection has loaned works to the Museum.

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Venus In Fur Sizzles AT ATC

by Shana Schwarz

When we spoke with Gillian Williams (star of Arizona Theatre Company’s Venus in Fur) and show director Shana Cooper, both women guessed the play would be rated PG-13. If that’s true, it would certainly push the limits of that rating because this show is extremely sexy, and I mean that in the best way possible.

A Life In Art

In comparison to its Spanish colonial counterparts in the Southwest and the aging august cities of the East Coast, Phoenix has always been considered a young city, poised at the precipice of becoming the next big thing. But the truth is, Phoenix has its own august institutions, of which Phoenix Art Museum, now celebrating nearly 55 years, is at the forefront. At the helm of the Museum, the largest fine arts institution in the Southwest, is James K. Ballinger.

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From Page To Screen

In 1939, two movies were released that would change the face of Hollywood forever. While Gone with the Wind defined the word “epic” for the screen, The Wizard of Oz showed that a fantasy movie geared at kids could make even adults feel forever young. Though these two films are different in almost every way, they have one thing in common – both were based on books

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Arizona Theatre Company Spans The World In 80 Days

by Kenneth LaFave

It says something that the two best Arizona Theatre Company productions so far this season have been colorful shows that diverted us from our daily concerns and celebrated the ability of actors to engage our imaginations and (dangerous word here) entertain us. We’ve been swayed by the tunes and chuckles of Xanadu and, now, the silly but lovable juvenile fantasies of Around the World in 80 Days captivates.

Dennis Roland – Musical Legend

Dennis Rowland doesn’t remember it happening. But he lives with it every day. He remembers going to the westside Phoenix church as he often did, to give free vocal coaching to the choir there. A giveaway gig – a part of every musician’s life. He wasn’t feeling well, and he told the choir director, “I can’t sing today.”

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All-Night Vigil

Russia, watch out. The Phoenix Chorale has drawn a bead on one of your most precious musical commodities, and it means business. No, we are not entering a new, musical Cold War with our erstwhile World War II ally. To the contrary, Americans – or at least its choral singers and fans of choral music – have rediscovered the deep beauty of a Russian masterpiece,…

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Girl Meets World

How does the daughter of a British dentist wind up touring America playing a Czech immigrant in a play set in Ireland? It’s actually not nearly as complicated as it sounds. “I think I’ve performed all my life,” explains Dani de Waal, who will play Girl at the Gammage this month in the touring version of Once. “As a child, I would do classes like children do – ballet, singing and such.

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Phoenix Theatre’s Pippin Is Magic

By Shana Schwarz

The newest production of Pippin at Phoenix Theatre is nothing short of a spectacle on stage. There are actors flying above the stage doing aerial routines, a couple of “how’d they do that?” magic tricks and choreography that’ll knock your socks off. It is larger than life and in your face, literally; one of the actors bopped me on the head (gently, of course) as he was running down the aisle during the song, “No Time at All.” 


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