text by Kathryn Brooks and Fiona Clarke

From embellished totes and stylish sunglasses, from chic cover-ups to extra sun protection, here are some must-have pieces to take along on your beach trip. Just add the sun, sand and surf and you’re good-to-go. All items are available at



This season you’ll find a wide assortment of woven bags, many with seashell or bead embellishments. Include a sac that will hold all the necessities for your time at the beach, as well as a smaller purse suitable for dinner. If you plan on doing any sightseeing or hiking, you might consider a belt bag that will leave you hands-free. 



Above: EUGENIA KIM Sun Hats.

For extra sun protection, consider packing a hat. It’s both a fashion statement and a sensible choice. Skin is extremely delicate and the sun’s rays can do considerable damage to your face, so check that the brim is wide enough to shield you adequately. Eugenie Kim and House of Lafayette have designed some excellent styles this season.


Above left: CELINE Oversized Square Sunglasses. Right:  SMOKE X MIRRORS Comic Strip Sunglasses.

Looking cool is just one of the many reasons to wear sunglasses. This simple and stylish accessory can protect your eyes from a host of conditions caused by ultraviolet rays including macular degeneration, skin cancer on the eyelid and photokeratitis (a painful sunburn of the eye). Be sure that you select a pair that’s designed to block at least 99-percent of UVA and UVB light. 


Above: LA VIE STYLE HOUSE Coverups.

Queuing up to the oceanfront bar for a afternoon cocktail requires the proper attire. The best solution to conceal your bathing suit is a stylish coverup. From beach-goddess gowns to borrowed menswear, the choices are varied. There are jumpsuits, rompers, sarongs, mini dresses and maxi skirts galore. Why not choice one or two that can be wore as a dress or paired with straight-legged pant for dinner. Just add the right accessories and your coverup can serve double duty.


Above left: SOLEIL TOUJOURS Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist, SPF 50. Right: CHANTECAILLE Ultra Sun Protection, SPF 50.

Everyone needs to use sunscreen. It offers protection from harmful UV rays, lowers your skin cancer risk, prevents premature aging and helps to maintain an even skin tone. When outdoors, and even on cloudy days, reapply sunscreen every two hours and reapply immediately after swimming or perspiring. Be sure to cover all exposed skin including your neck, ears, feet and lips. Dermatologists recommend a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30.


Above left: 3LAB Aqua BB. Right: QUAI After Sun Body Soother.

Despite using sunscreen, a day at the beach can cause havoc to your skin. Not to worry – there are a host of products available that will solve every problem. 3LAB Aqua BB offers the trifecta; it illuminates the skin with lightweight coverage, provides intense hydration and has an SPF of 40. Quai After Sun Body Soother combines aloe leaf juice, cucumber extract and rose hip oil to quickly provide sun-exposed skin with hydration. This cooling moisturizer is safe for all skin types.


Above left: SAMUEL FAILLI Embellished Thong Sandal. Right: ALAÏA Embroidered Sandals. 

Summer means sandals. This simple form of footwear, well-suited to hot climates, protects the wearer from the steamy sidewalk while keeping the foot aired and cool. They can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, worn by the elite. Fast forward, sandals are practical, stylish and very much in vogue. From athletic wear to evening wear, and all occasions in between, the sandal and its updated cousin, the slide are here to stay.