A Grand Toast to Barrow
Barrow Women’s Board raises record $8.5 million to
support innovations in stroke care and the neurosciences.

Above, left to right: Thomas and Diane Might, Dr. Michael T. and Suzanne Lawton, Sandy and Michael Hecomovich, and Kolby and Kenny Moffatt. Photo by Jared Platt.

The Women’s Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation raised a record $8.5 million for Barrow Neurological Institute through the 2021 Barrow Grand Ball, A Grand Toast to Barrow. Women’s Board members Diane Might and Kolby Moffatt co-chaired the event and galvanized members and donors during one of the most challenging times of our lives.

Above, top: At Watch Party #1, all on-site guests tested negative, so they removed their masks to celebrate together. Bottom left: left to right; Laurie Florkiewicz, Sandy Hecomovich, Nancy Spetzler, Sandy Magruder, and Judy Shannon. Bottom right: White House Design Studio created the table décor at Watch Party #1. Photos by Jared Platt.

For the first time in its storied history, the Barrow Grand Ball was celebrated virtually, on January 23, via an exclusive invitation for supporters. The video celebration showcased the Women’s Board’s fundraising accomplishments and highlighted its impact on several Barrow programs.

Above, top: At Watch Party #2, left to right; Kolby Moffatt, Dr. Michael Waters, Pat Petznick, and Christine Watson. Bottom left: David Larcher and Jenny Cushing. Bottom right: Amy and Ray Thurston. Photos by Jared Platt.  

“We come together as a community one special night every year to support the innovation taking place at Barrow Neurological Institute each and every day,” says Sandy Hecomovich, chairman of the Women’s Board. “Due to the pandemic, we decided to host a virtual event to continue our long tradition of recognizing the Women’s Board’s unwavering support for Barrow, and to keep our members safer at home.”

Above: Watch Party #3. Top left: Dr. Jack and Harriet Friedland. Top right: Bennett and Jacquie Dorrance. Bottom left: Suzi and Steve Hilton. Bottom right: Dionne and Francis Najafi. Photos by Jared Platt.

Each year, the Women’s Board supports a special project meaningful to its membership and important to the future of Barrow. In 2021, the Grand Ball committee selected the Petznick Stroke Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. Led by Dr. Michael F. Waters, M.D., Ph.D., FAAN, the director of the Center and the first recipient of the Dorrance Chair of Vascular Neurology, the Petznick Stroke Center will surely establish new standards of stroke care and prevention, while continuing to conduct groundbreaking research focused on limiting and repairing the damage caused by a stroke.

Above: Watch Party #4. Top: Mary Ellen and Bob McKee. Bottom left: Dr. Christopher Stalberg and Judy Hewson. Bottom right: Jan and Christopher Cacheris. Photos by Jacob Burress.

“Since 1965, our Women’s Board has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the world’s leading experts at Barrow Neurological Institute. They are the gold standard of philanthropy in our community and across the nation, as evidenced by a record-breaking year in the middle of a global pandemic,” says Katie Cobb, president of Barrow Neurological Foundation. “Funding from the Women’s Board is responsible for groundbreaking research and advances in clinical care that save lives and benefits patients not just here in Arizona but around the world.”

Above: At Watch Party #5, left to right; Bruce Ward, Sara Dial, George and Dyan Getz, Bonsal and Alexis Glascock, and Bill and Sandy Metzler. Photo by Jared Platt.

In addition to the Petznick Stroke Center, this year’s funds also support Barrow research in critical areas including Alzheimer’s, aneurysm, brain tumor, headache, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and spinal disorders.


Home “watch parties” were held for small groups of donors and friends to celebrate and watch the pre-recorded virtual event. CDC guidelines were observed at the watch parties. Guests in the photos below were Covid-19 tested upon arrival. When they all tested negative, they removed their masks.

For more information, visit www.barrowneuro.org