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Text by Robyn Collins and Tyler Phillips

No matter what movies come and go each month on Netflix, you can always count on its streaming service to have something that’s a must-see.  And with its “Netflix Party,” you can have a virtual movie night with your friends whenever you’d like. From rom-coms like Always Be My Maybe, comedies with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery, Michelle Obama’s documentary Becoming, and dramas such as Roma, you’ll be entertained for weeks. Here are some of our favorites, all available to stream on Netflix now.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

“There are performances—soul-stirring, thought-provoking, emotion-filled performances—that come along so seldom they force viewers to pause and marvel when they arrive,” wrote reviewer Tanya Christian. “That happens in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, the newly released Netflix film starring Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis that delivers equal parts heartbreak, hope, and history through a small but mighty roster of talented Black entertainers.”

A Walk to Remember

Maybe you’ve already seen this tearjerker starring Mandy Moore and Shane West a hundred times before. What’s one more? This Nicholas Sparks romance was, and remains, a hit for a reason.

The Lovebirds

If you desperately need to laugh, look no further than this comedy starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani as a couple on the verge of a breakup who are hunted by baddies after witnessing a brutal murder. 


Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth as a fearless black-ops mercenary who must rescue an imprisoned drug lord’s kidnapped son in Bangladesh. The film is exciting and suspenseful from start to finish and features some of the best pure-action choreography and cinematography in the last decade. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Always Be My Maybe

This romantic comedy stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as two childhood best friends who rekindle their relationship as adults—but not without some complications. As if that’s not enough to sell you, Keanu Reeves has one of the most epic cameos of his career. You seriously don’t want to miss it. 


An awards-season darling back in 2018, this drama from acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón follows one year of a middle-class family’s struggles in Mexico City in the 1970s. It might not have taken home the best picture trophy, but it’s an incredible cinematic achievement that even the most amateur of cinephiles will appreciate. 

Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star in this Netflix original about a New York City cop and his wife who become embroiled in a murder mystery (duh) involving an elderly billionaire during their European vacation. Obviously, shenanigans ensue. 

The Social Network

Even just 10 years ago, as we watched David Fincher’s take on the college days of Mark Zuckerberg, we couldn’t have imagined the massive impact Facebook would have on our everyday lives, our relationships, and even our elections. But that won’t stop us from enjoying this masterpiece of a film written by Aaron Sorkin and packed with incredible performances from Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, and many more A-list actors.

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee’s latest joint is a straight-to-Netflix original about a group of aging Vietnam veterans who head back to the country in search of their former squad leader’s remains and a stash of gold they buried there. It stars Chadwick Boseman, Delroy Lindo, Jasper Pääkkönen, Paul Walter Houser, and Jonathan Majors, and as with any Lee-helmed project, there are many complex layers to its social commentary. 

The Half of It

Ellie Chu makes money to help support herself and her widowed father by writing papers for other kids at her school. But things take a turn when she starts helping a sweet jock try to woo a popular girl, Cyrano-style. The story of self-discovery, identity, grief, and young love is just really wonderful. 

The Laundromat

In this story about the Panama Papers and money laundering practices, Meryl Streep plays a Michigan widow who’s trying to navigate the murky world of offshore shell companies to reclaim her husband’s insurance money. Her search leads her to two attorneys whose jobs are to hide money for the mega-rich. 

The Irishman

When Martin Scosese’s latest—starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino—debuted on Netflix in November 2019, some complained about its three-and-a-half-hour runtime. Now that we’ve all found ourselves with a lot of extra hours at home, perhaps this is the time to dive into the story of organized crime and the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. 


It’s understandable why this beautifully shot coming-of-age story swept the Oscars in 2017. The film follows three stages of a young man’s life as he finds his place in the world, and each chapter is well cast, brilliantly written, and extremely moving. It’s a must-watch for sure. 

Marriage Story

Nobody is going to tell you Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is an easy watch it details the crumbling of a marriage, after all. But the performances from Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, and Laura Dern (who won an Oscar for her role as a divorce attorney) and the impeccable script make it worth the emotional roller coaster.