Valentine’s Day
Text by Kathryn Brooks and Tyler Phillips

Finding the perfect gift for a man can be daunting. Given how challenging the last year has been, why not go a bit overboard on this Valentine’s Day and select unique items that will both surprise and delight the man in your life. Here are ten suggestions.


Whether your fella is an art lover, a foodie, a film buff or a sports enthusiast, Masterclass is sure to have an offering that strikes his fancy. Taught by some of the biggest names in their respective fields, the lineup includes such notables as chef Thomas Keller, architect Frank Gehry, novelist James Patterson, chess champ Garry Kasparov, basketball superstar Steph Curry and comedian Steve Martin. Each class has video lessons, exercises, workbooks and interview sessions with the instructor. An All-Access Pass is priced at $180 per year.


Harbour Trading Company is dedicated to deliver the freshest fish and seafood possible with the lowest impact on our environment. The company selects the Florida Stone Crab Cocktail for their firm texture, low-fat content and sweet, meaty flavor. The claws are cooked immediately after harvest and shipped fresh. Included in the order are classic mustard sauce, mayo and lemon juice. Serving for six, @ $300.


Why not give him the moon and the stars? This StarNavigator NG 102mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope by Meade Instruments will take you on a guided tour of the night skies. The telescope is equipped with the AudioStar™ 30,000 object database and four hours of audio presentations built into the electronics. Ideal for both astronomical and terrestrial use, its aperture will gather enough light to show the viewer brighter deep sky objects. The focal length is 660mm and a 6.5 focal ratio. Included are a 26mm eyepiece, 9mm eyepiece, a lightweight and compact aluminum tripod and a metal eyepiece holder. $550,


Studies have shown that a quick ping pong match is linked to increased productivity, creativity and helps to build a connection between the players, which explains why tables like this Revolution version by Killerspin is popping up in homes and offices. Featuring a distinct arched aluminum base and ultra-thick top, these tables are big on style and performance. The nearly 1” thick top and ample side skirt provide superior and consistent bounce without dead spots, while the ample chassis creates a stable, regulation size playing surface. $3,999,


A 168-piece socket wrench tool package by Deko is an ideal gift for that handy fella on your list. Containing tools needed for most small repairs and basic DIY projects around the house, the kit is housed in a handy blow-molded, dirt-resistant case for easy tool storage and portability. Forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome, this treatment guarantees both long-lasting strength and anti-corrosion protection. $80.


There are books, and then there are Assouline books. Items in the publishing houses’s “Impossible Collection” are like a work of art, highly coveted among bibliophiles. The Impossible Collection of Cars edition details 100 of the most exceptional cars of the 20th century, including autos owned by celebs like Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso and Elvis Presley. $845.


With so many of us working off-site these days, chances are your guy has set up a home office. We all know that sitting for long periods of time can cause a strain on the body, causing a laundry list of problems that include chronic back and shoulder pain. The gift of an ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron Chair will help him to maintain a healthy neutral position while minimizing long-term damage. $1,395,


Mirror, a high-tech workout product that bills itself as an “interactive home gym,” looks like a normal mirror, but it streams live 24/7 and on-demand fitness classes, all taught by world-class instructors in a broad range of workout genres. With programs like Cardio Training, Boxing, Competitive Challenge, Abs + Arms, Train for a Marathon, Kickboxing, Total Body Strength and Intro to Weight Loss among others, he’ll have an endless array of choices, including an option for personal training. Priced at $1,495 plus a subscription charge of $39 per month, visit


Cuisinart went all out with this super-sized 20-piece grill set. It features the four must-have items—a spatula, tongs, basting brush and fork—along with five skewers, four pairs of corn holders and a cleaning brush. Each item is crafted from durable stainless steel, which won’t rust or corrode. The standout is the fork that can also read temperatures to ensure you never overcook your meat. The collection comes housed in a hard-wearing aluminum case, which helps to keep everything together and also allows for easy on-the-go transport. If he’d rather display the tools, they can also be hung from their built-in handles. $45,


After a notably stressful year, help him unwind with these soothing sugary treats. Lord Jones offers a limited-edition set of their CBD gumdrops for Valentine’s Day, infused with 20mg of hemp-derived CBD per bite. A halo of eight tangy, floral passionfruit gumdrops surround a raspberry gummy in a romantic red hue, making this gift a sweet way to relax with a loved one for $45,